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Q: If NBI does not perform corrective work, who makes the necessary repairs?

A: Anyone can make repairs. NBI may identify problem areas that are in need of repair in either our home or termite inspections. If that occurs, you have many choices for the repair.


       1. Perform the corrective work yourself if you are handy... or

       2. Hire a contractor that you (or your agent) have previously worked with in the past... or

       3. Use a reputable contractor referral service such as Angie's List... or

       4. Call NBI for a list of contractors in your area.


Once the corrective work has been performed, NBI will be happy to return to the property to verify the work's completion.


Q: Are termite inspections required by state law?

A: No state law mandates termite inspections. However, some lenders require a termite inspection before they will loan on the property.


Q: Am I required to repair all items noted on the termite report?

A: Your sales contract outlines who is responsible to pay for what.


Q: Must all repairs be performed exactly as they are outlined by the Termite Inspector?

A: The only requirements under the Structural Pest Control Act are that you repair the existing damage and correct the "cause" of the damage. Any corrective work that meets these provisions qualifies for a certification statement.

(See Understanding California Termite Inspection Reports)


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