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Remember that NBI does both home and termite inspections simultaneously, which saves your client time and money. This issue we examine what a "termite inspection" really is, so that you can prepare your clients for what to expect. Finally, don't miss the coupon at the bottom for a free termite inspection on your next home inspection order!


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What is a Termite Inspection, Really?

Spot the problem!

Pre-Listing Inspections - A Good Idea

The NBI All-in-One Inspection Package


What does your client really get
in a "termite report"?

Termite Tubes indicate infestation

Light-Brown Termite Tubes indicate infestation

Every real estate agent knows a "termite report" is often required before you can close a sale. Some may also refer to it as the "Pest Inspection." Even California's Structural Pest Control Board uses the term "Pest Inspection." Few agents have ever ordered these reports by their real name: "Wood Destroying Pests and Organisms Inspection Report."

That's a mouthful, so everyone uses the termite or pest shorthand. However, it can be confusing for homeowners and buyers. They don't always understand that the inspection does not "look for bugs." It looks for evidence of insects that eat or destroying wood and assesses the condition of the house's wood structure. In fact, there are typically only two types of insects we look for signs of:

  • Termites, because they eat wood
  • Wood-destroying beetles

Occasionally, we also find evidence of carpenter ants and carpenter bees that also like to destroy wood. That's it. Cockroaches, ants, and spiders are all pests that make life hard for homeowners, but they do not threaten the soundness of the structure, and we do not inspect for them. Nor does the law require it when performing a termite inspection.


"Termite" inspections look for fungus, too.

Just to add the confusion, a termite inspection also looks for fungus (aka "dry rot") that is eating away at the basic wood structure.


The everyday labels for these inspections can confuse homeowners. Make sure you prepare them for what is actually going to happen!

For more information on what a "termite" inspection really inspects, click here. And please call us with any questions you or your clients may have.


Spot the Problem!

This bathroom floor looks great. What could be wrong with it?

Bathroom Floor Looks Fine

This clean scene masks a problem.



To find the answer, check at the bottom of the right-hand column above the coupon.



Why does NBI believe in Pre-Listing Inspections?

Last issue we shared an article by Lew Sichelman that recommended pre-listing inspections paid for by sellers. Some of our regular realtor partners ribbed us about that, saying "what a great way to double your business!"

We wish it were that easy! The fact is, we are scrupulous about conflicts of interest, and just as dual-agency among real estate professionals can create conflict, so can handling the inspection on both sides of the transaction. If we are hired to inspect a home for the seller so that problems can be found and addressed ahead of time, then we see a conflict of interest in returning to do the second inspection for the buyer. So we won't do it.


Why, then, do we bother pushing seller inspections? Frankly, they simply make good sense:

  • Homeowners are the poorest judges of the condition of their homes, because they have lived with the property's faults for so long, and no longer notice them, or consider them "insignificant."
  • A thorough, objective home inspection may be the best tool you have in getting a seller to accept your recommendation on how to price the home, because it opens the owner's eyes to the faults that a buyer is going to see and object to.
  • Finally, knowledge is power! The better informed your client is, the better a negotiating position they have, especially in this era of mandated full disclosure.

Have NBI train your office. We can walk your team through the basics of inspections to make you better advisors to your clients.


Always remember: You are not a home inspector! You are simply working to be the best advisor to help the owner get their property sold at the best possible (realistic) price.


The NBI All-in-One Inspection Package

Why hire two or more inspectors to handle the home and pest inspections? We are seasoned pros at doing both! Plus, our package price will save your client money. Without sacrificing any quality.


PLUS, We are the only known pest inspection company in Northern California that does not perform corrective work on properties we inspect, which means you are GUARANTEED our complete impartiality when doing a home and pest inspection.

One visit, one price, both reports done simultaneously.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our monthly newsletter. We hope you found it useful. If not, let us know! We look forward to your feedback. E-mail comments to answerman@teamnbi.com.

Keep us on your list. We stand ready to make you look good and get that deal closed!




Robert Swickard, President

Invite us to your office to train your team on "pre-inspection" techniques!

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Answer to "Spot the Problem"

That wonderful bathroom floor is rotting from underneath!

Underneath Bathroom Floor is Dry Rot

The subfloor and framing are completely rotted out from leaking through the toilet's wax seal. It is only a matter of time before that toilet crashes through!




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