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Dear Renata; 


A lack of rain is bad for crops, but good for selling homes. We hope 2014 has seen you off to a great start! 



Make your clients smarter:  

Teach sellers to examine their property with an inspector's eye to make the most of pre-listing inspections.

Here are a few points you can use with clients to broach the topic of pre-inspecting their property, which we know some clients have questions about:


How to inspect the house you want to sell.


You live in a home, but you sell a house. You have a lot of memories tied up in the wear-and-tear the structure and grounds took over the years. But, the buyer doesn't give two hoots about why the walls are marked and there are dents in the doors. The funny backstory about why the toilet came off its moorings one Fall Saturday won't interest them (or will interest them in the wrong way.) They see damage that should have been fixed, and will drag you back to the negotiating table PDQ (a technical real estate term) to get a rebate to cover the cost of repairs.


Forewarned Sellers are forearmed!


As a seller, you certainly should start with a DIY inspection of the property with your rose-tinted, memory-tinged glasses off and your dispassionate magnifying glass in hand.

  • Record every flaw that you think is material, and be tough about your assessment. You should end up with a decently long list, unless you bought a new house just a few years ago and have no pets or kids.
  • Gather a list of questions to ask.
  • Call a home and pest inspector to run a pre-listing inspection.
  • Ask all the questions on the list during the inspection.
  • Take the inspector to every flaw you think you spotted.
  • When the inspections are done and you have the report, read every line of it, and talk to your Realtor about each flaw the inspector recorded.
  • Put an action plan in place to cure each one.

Of course, your action plan might be to leave a flaw in place, disclose it, and wait to see if buyers consider it a make-or-break factor, but you are still working from a stronger negotiating position. 


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Spot the Problem: This furnace installation presents a health issue.


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The Answer to "Spot the Problem": 


When the intake fan is running, there is nothing to prevent exhaust gases from the furnace, including harmful carbon monoxide, from being pulled into the return intake and entering the home with the heated air. 




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Robert Swickard, President

Inspector's Corner

I have three young children, and the creative destruction that they naturally wreak on our house gives me the willies! When we finally sell this property, we will definitely have to "put things right" before any buyer takes us seriously! 


There is definitely a pre-inspection in our future...


Until then, like most other people, we will live comfortably with all the nicks and marks child-rearing brings, and almost forget these flaws are there!  





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