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Dear Robert;

Along with the rest of the Real Estate Industry, NBI looks forward to a slow but steady improvement in our local economy, which should put a "floor" under real estate prices and entice buyers off the fence. In the meantime REO and other stressed property deals remain a big part of the market, and we see the inspection playing a critical role in defending a home buyer's interests in these transactions, so we focus on REOs in this issue.

We appreciate all the business you refer to us. We look forward to continuing our relationships through the New Year.


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Inspections critical on REOs

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REO Properties: Don't let your buyer skip the inspection!

There is a disturbing, if not widespread, concept in the REO market that works against the best interests of borrowers: Some buyers decide that paying for an inspection gains them little, as the property is pretty much "as is". It is true that the bank is the seller, and a buyer would have little recourse when expensive problems arise post-purchase, but knowledge remains power. The inspection reports will allow the buyer to make a better "yes/no" decision: Is this property truly worth the price if you add the cost of fixing the problems the inspection may have found?


There are lots of REO properties coming to market, and will continue to do so for a number of months (if not years). This means buyers can be selective. Gaining as much knowledge about the property they plan to buy is critical to selecting a property that will maximize their investment. Why would anyone NOT inspect a property that may have been vacant and poorly maintained for months? Based on the feedback of our agent partners who have worked REO deals, the clear answer still seems to be "pay for a good inspection."


Spot the Problem! 

The roof on this REO property is new. That seems like a bonus for the buyer: One less thing to worry about!

Roof Installation on REO Property

This REO property came with a new roof.




Flat Roof Eave - Not Sealed

This seems like a nice clean edge.
What could the problem be?


This is a newly installed 30-year composition shingle roof covering.




The installation seems to meet all basic standards.




We found a major issue with it, though, that the buyer had to consider in the buying decision.




What did we find?

To find the answer, check at the bottom of the right-hand column.


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Robert Swickard, President

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The "Spot the Problem" answer is this way

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Answer to "Spot the Problem"

The roof is not sufficiently "pitched" for the type of roof covering installed: It dropped less than 3" in height for every 12" of distance from roofline to eave.

Such low-pitched roofs are problematic because water does not drain off fast enough, which can allow water to permeate the shingles and could result in a roof leak.
These roof installations require special underlayment treatment with torched-down seams.
When the inspector looked into the attic, he found that the newly installed roof sheathing was already water stained.
As an REO property, the buyer would likely be on the hook for fixing the problem!



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