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Your December 
Home Inspection Primer 


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Dear Renata; 


Best wishes to you from us at NBI for a wonderful Holiday Season. We hope it has been a wonderfully busy and rewarding year for you. 


We have made a number of new friends in the real estate business this year, which we very much appreciate, and we treasure all of our relationships, whether new or of many years' standing.


Thank you for the home and pest inspection referrals you all have sent our way this year.



Make your clients smarter about: 

The Risks of Moisture and Poor Ventilation in their Crawl Spaces


Wet weather has arrived with the Holidays, which raises the chance for poorly drained water to wreak havoc under homes. 

Homeowners fear mold and fungus.

These organisms cause health issues, damage property and lower home values if not eradicated promptly. 


One way to help your clients better manage potential threats is to educate them on the proper way to care for the crawl spaces under their homes, where moisture can build up and give mold and fungus a place to settle in.


White fungus is already growing under this 14-year-old house.

Why is moisture and poor ventilation a problem in crawl spaces?


Crawl spaces are full of important supports for every home, and many of those structures are wood. Surface water, subterranean moisture, and hydrostatic pressure all can cause moisture infiltration. Some moisture is to be expected in a crawl space, but excessive moisture can lead to fungus growth on those critical wood members.


Why would excessive moisture build up?


Not every house is designed perfectly for its location, and many crawl spaces end up poorly ventilated. 

What corrective measures could my clients take?

  1. Unblocking or creating ventilation screens are a critical first step to getting air to circulate.
  2. Make sure the grounds around the house drain water away from the structure rather than trap it: Good property owner maintenance should include maintaining the "soil grade" to slope away from the structure at the rate of one-half inch per foot for a distance of five feet.
  3. Check the soil composition around and under the house. Clay soil, for example, expands when moistened and contracts when dried, and the expansion and contraction can bring about cracking on interior and exterior wall coverings as well as on the foundation. 

Corrective measures, especially on hillside properties and areas with clay type soils, can be expensive and require extensive in-ground drainage, sump pumps, and mechanical ventilation systems. The investment in fixing the problem ahead of time, however, will be offset by a happier home life and greater resale value!


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Spot the Problem: This beautiful new patio has a critical flaw!


The homeowner created a nice upgrade for the home by installing an attractive backyard patio. However, one important error could create expensive problems within just a few years.

What might the contractor or designer have done wrong?


Your answer is below...


NBI's 2-for-1 Home and Termite Inspection

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NBI's Two-for-One Inspection package fits that bill: A great money and time saver. Don't hire two or more inspectors to handle home and pest inspections when we have seasoned pros who conduct both in the same visit, and deliver two high-quality reports.


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Answer to "Spot the Problem" 



The new patio had been installed too high: Its new stone tiles blocked the screen vents that ventilated the sub-area crawl space. Excessive moisture and fungus growth are in this homeowner's future unless this problem is corrected.




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Robert Swickard, President

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