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Dear Robert; 

This year has started on an up note, and we appreciate the trust you and other Bay Area agents have placed in us. We strive to protect you and your clients with the most thorough inspections in the business: In this issue, we focus on how attention to detail makes all the difference in minimizing the risk of litigation. Let us know what you think of our summary.


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Attention to Detail Limits Litigation Risk

Spot the problem!

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Manage your litigation risk better:
Get quality inspections

As a real estate professional, you have a fiduciary responsibilityGavel to protect your client's interests throughout the transaction. Managing your exposure to legal disputes takes a three-pronged approach:


Agent Education

You protect yourself by knowing the regulatory disclosure requirements cold. You also adopt full disclosure as a "best practice" that protects you and your clients long-term.


Client Education

You take the time to educate your client on the seller's responsibility to make a best effort to disclose all known property defects proactively. This also protects all parties from post-closing disputes.


Thorough Inspections

Agent Visual Inspections are a mandatory step one, and the critical step two is receiving the best possible home and pest inspections from a company sound enough to back up its work long-term.


This old article from 1999 still sizes up the situation well in its headline:


You Better Tell Them

(Please make special note of point #5 in the article!)


In-depth, thorough home and pest inspections are a critical protection for you and your client from litigation: Problems spotted and addressed before closing save everyone time, money and lots of heartache. Avoiding even a hint of litigation also preserves the probability of future referrals, the lifeblood of your business.


Our clients push back at us occasionally because we do not produce our reports on-site like some home inspectors, but instead ask for a 1 to 2 business day turnaround time for our combo Home & Termite reports. Please know we do not ask for this lightly: We know that "time is of the essence" in real estate transactions. But we also firmly believe that "getting the job done right" is better than "getting the job done."  This extra time gives us a chance to review all of our pictures and proof-read every inspection report, a great extra bit of insurance for all parties involved!


To paraphrase Allstate: Getting the job done right is our stand, and we think that works to your benefit, too.


Spot the Problem! 


This newly constructed workshop was built on a hillside property only about 3 years ago.  It appears to have been sturdily made and includes an impressive open-beam ceiling design and concrete-capped flooring throughout.  However, with just one glance, our inspector detected a potential issue.  Can you spot the problem?

New Workshop Exterior 2-11
 To find the answer, look in the right-hand column.


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Thank you for taking the time to read our monthly newsletter. We hope you found it useful. If not, tell us how to improve it! We look forward to your feedback. E-mail comments to answerman@teamnbi.com.


Keep us on your referral list. We are ready to make you look good and get your deals closed promptly!




Robert Swickard, President

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The "Spot the Problem" puzzler is this way

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Answer to "Spot the Problem"

Due to the method of construction and the striking decorative rock veneer at the perimeter, the structure was not provided with screened subarea vents to allow cross ventilation in the crawl space. As a result, after only 3 years prolonged moisture and deprived ventilation in the crawl space has caused fungus-infection to the underside of the substructure framing.


Workshop damaged support beams 2-11

At this point, installing screened vents at the perimeter, wire brushing the infected areas, and applying an approved fungicide treatment to the wood should stop the spread of fungus-growth. But, if this had gone undetected for a few more years, the damage could have been in the tens of thousands!