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Dear Robert; 

Remember that NBI does both home and termite inspections simultaneously, which saves your client time and money. In this issue, we touch on what a termite inspection does NOT cover and why we believe a professional home inspection AND termite inspection are an essential part of a real estate transaction.  


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"My client is a contractor, so we only need a termite inspection." Really?

If our order takers at NBI had a dollar for every time they heard an agent say "my client is a contractor, so we only need a termite inspection", they would be pretty well off.With nearly 25 years in the inspection business, our response is...really?


There are two main reasons why we believe a professional home inspection is as equally important in a real estate transaction as a termite inspection.


1.  A termite inspection only reports on wood destroying organisms and pests, damage resulting from them, and conditions that can cause them.


A home may be completely free of all wood destroying organisms and pests; however, there could be other structural issues that a termite inspector is not required to report on.For example, we recently performed a home inspection for a potential buyer on a hillside property. At the time of our inspection, we were told by the buyer's agent that another termite company inspected and certified the home as being free and clear of all wood destroying organisms and pests known as a "Section I Clearance". Per industry standards, the termite report excluded the fact that there was evidence of structural failure in the foundation and elevated concrete-capped garage floor (a possible 30K fix).When NBI's inspector presented these findings, the buyers were shocked and exclaimed, "we thought if a termite company certifies a property that means it has no structural problems." Sorry, that's not true! And unfortunately we hear this all the time. 


2.  An experienced building contractor is no substitute for an experienced home inspector.


No matter how many years of experience a building contractor has, knowing how and where to look for issues comes from inspecting thousands of homes.Every year NBI screens dozens of potential new inspectors for our existing and expanding areas.Most applicants are building contractors, city building inspectors, and even some out-of-work engineers; many of whom have 20+ years of experience in the field. Although these are related industries and are often prerequisites for our new hires, most new applicants fail to identify major issues while inspecting their first dozen training properties. In an industry as litigious as ours, most are never hired.


We understand the fiduciary duty real estate agents have. So we caution, never assume that because a client is a contractor, building official, or engineer, he or she will be able to properly assess a property for issues.  A professional home inspector is trained to identify material defects or adverse conditions that could result in injury or lead to costs that would significantly affect a buyer's evaluation of the property, and to alert them to the need for a specialist evaluation.   



Spot the Problem!   


Can you spot the problem with this foundation system?  The potential buyer of this property, a building contractor, didn't see any problems and was excited that the floors had been reinforced and re-supported throughout. 


Pier Post


  To find the answer, look in the right-hand column.


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Robert Swickard, President

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The "Spot the Problem" puzzler is this way

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Answer to "Spot the Problem"

Depending on the area, soils have different properties and can react differently when loads are placed upon them. Gravity, soil expansion, frost, hydrostatic pressure, soil erosion, etc. are just a few of the forces that can move a foundation.  Therefore, all foundation systems should include a footing that is installed below the frost line or top layers of soil that expand and contract with moisture.

Block on soil


Notice the concrete pier block above. It, along with a dozen others under this home, rests directly on the soil. This condition does not satisfy current seismic standards in California and the floors will most certainly lift and settle on an annual basis as moisture content in the soil changes. 


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